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Lee Che-Yi
Awarded Best Composer in the 23rd Golden Melody Awards

Born in Kaohsiung, Lee Che-Yi has composed about 1,500 works and arranged nearly 4,500 works of various others. His works include musical theater, dance drama, stage play, all kinds of cross-border theater, children’s drama, film and TV commercial soundtracks. Since the beginning of his career, he has conducted more than 2,000 performances and has composed songs, arrangements, and soundtracks for hundreds of professional performing groups, both at home and abroad. He has also performed at dozens of international arts festivals and has produced about 65 albums. He has been nominated for the Golden Melody Awards 17 times and won the Best Composer Award at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards. He was awarded the “Best Annual Dance Music Award” by the “Hong Kong Dance Awards” in 2015, won the Best Classical Music Album Award of “China’s Top Ten Hot Records” twice, and was one of the finalists in the 2010 “Chinese Golden Melody Award” for the Best Classical Music Album Award.

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Q & A

Q:How do you start your day?

A:As a musician, I always begin and end every day with music. This is the lifestyle of most musicians, and to relax, I’ll just have a cup of coffee.


Q:Where do you visit the most?

A:The studio, or anywhere in Taiwan. Don’t be too surprised if you bump into me on the street.


Q:Teacher Che-Yi, it’s not easy to meet with you.

A:Not really. Just a quick search on YouTube, and you will see me ha ha (laugh).


Q:What do you do for leisure after work?

A:Of course hugging my daughter and playing with her.

I will try my best to accompany my daughter in my spare time. This is my greatest pleasure (satisfaction).


Q:Which restaurant do you often visit?

A:I like to try different food, so I won’t always go to the same type of restaurant.
If you have a list of good places on you, please do tell me!! Don’t keep it to yourself.


Q:When foreign tourists come to Taiwan, what recommendations do you offer for what to eat and where to visit?

A:Ningxia Night Market
This is my routine whenever I visit the Ningxia night market.
Appetizer: egg yolk taro cake. Main dish: meat curry rice, omelet and minced pork with pickle soup. Dessert: Cheung Kee mochi shaved ice. Then I will order a cup of “fresh fruit juice”. Just perfect. Going to the night market is so convenient since you can have a main dish, dessert and drink all in the same place. What’s more, you can try all the popular snacks of Taiwan.


Q:What do you find the most interesting or appealing in Taiwan?

A:What appeals to me the most is the temple culture. Taiwanese people have a very cute personality with tremendous persistence. I recommend that everyone pays a visit to a temple, especially since there are so many unique temples of different sizes in Taiwan. Each temple represents the spirit of the local culture of that area.


Q:What inspirations have you had recently for your composition?

A:First, I would like to make it clear that composition and arrangement are quite different though most people get it confused. Arrangement is to put your own ideas into the materials of others and turn it into your own creation. Composition is to create your own materials from scratch to a piece of music. There is no difference in terms of technical and professional skills.
Most of the time, arrangement is the main focus of One Song Orchestra because we have been trying to identify the memories that Taiwan holds toward music. If One Song Orchestra performs a new piece of music, the audience will not be familiar with it so they cannot relate it to their impressions of Taiwan. Therefore, One Song prefers to arrange music and hopes to create more pieces of music which more people can identify with. Furthermore, different styles can be created in order to make our music more appealing to more age groups. Once people come to like it, then our music will spread.


Q:Is there any sentence which has influenced you the most?

A:Teacher Lee Kuo-Hsiu said, “A man is successful if he does one thing well in his lifetime.” I am the kind of person who likes to do all kinds of things. In these past decades, I have found that my body isn’t as strong as it used to be in my youth, nor do I have enough time. That’s why I have gradually streamlined my scope of work and have focused on doing one thing well. This sentence has changed me a lot.


Q:What are your expectations of staying at the Hotel?

A:It’s the planning and design of the space that I anticipate.
In fact, when leaving home for either work or leisure, I think a fresh feeling is so important.
Apart from expanding my horizons, I find it amazing that some hotels somehow manage to transport you to a different world, including the hospitality of the reception staff or the overall atmosphere. This makes me feel inspired to create whether in my spare time or while working, which is also important to me.


Q:What is your impression of the hotels of Taipei Inn Group?

A:I’ve found that every hotel has its own characteristics, and creativity can be seen everywhere. On every floor, in every room and any place you visit, you’ll find that this hotel has worked hard. You will be impressed by the most novel and different ways in how this hotel operates, with an abundance of ideas that are not in the least bit overstated. You’ll certainly enjoy a distinct experience here.

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